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Addy An American Girl Doll

Addy An American Girl Doll

Addy, the American Girl doll,  and her family were slaves in North Carolina in 1964. Long before Addy was born her family came from Africa.  They were sold to be slaves in America. They worked on farms for long hours with hard work with no pay.  At age nine, Addy,  like the other slave children, worked in the tobacco fields pulling fat worms from the leaves of the plants. When Addy finished worming, she brought water to the workers. She liked this job, because it gave her a chance to see her brother and father who each worked on different parts of the plantation.

Addy dreamed of learning to read and write, to wearing fancy dresses. She dreamed that her Dad would get paid for his work and they could buy food and never be hungry again.  Addy dreamed of the cloth her Dad would buy and the dresses her mom would sew.

Her dreams were shattered when Master Stevens, the man who owned her family, sold her Dad and brother Sam to new owners.  Addy watched them shackled, whipped and loaded in the back of trucks.
Voicing her hate for the men who beat her family, her mother told her “if you fill your heart with hate, there won’t be room for love”

Addy and her Mom ran away leaving her baby sister behind. With pains in their heart for the baby they had to leave, they worked their way through thorns, swamps, and rough terrain every night so they would not be seen. They hid and rested in the daylight.  Fleeing the plantation in search of freedom took great courage because run away slaves were brutally treated.

When Addy was growing up the United States was in a Civil War. The north and south were fighting about whether slavery should continue.  If Addy and her mom could flee to the north, they would be free.

Addy and her Mom made it to a safe house.

The journey to freedom was a tough one for Addy and her family.  It is a story of a sad part of American history. It is a story of love. It is a story that is soul searching for adults and a lesson is history for children.

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